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  1. The people living in the flats and maisonettes of the Heygate Estate are gradually being relocated into alternative housing. Cast Off is a small inventory of the objects found in the empty apartments of the Heygate, prior to them being sealed. These are things which once where of some use to the previous occupant of the apartment. They represent something of the life of that person but something that has been left behind, or forgotten.


    The objects in this inventory invite us to speculate on the identity and personal history of the previous owner and to construct imaginary narratives. The objects they left, and that I have found, are a memorabilia of experience. Perhaps we can discover something in ourselves in the images of things left behind.


    This project was completed as part of the Elephant and Castle Regeneration Project documentary series for the London College of Communication MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography program in partnership with Southwark Council.